Less Decorations Means More Savings This Holiday Season

Before you break out the blow up Santa’s and strings of lights, you may want to consider that fewer decorations can mean more savings on your electricity bill this holiday season. Here are a few typical decorations and the impacts they can have on your monthly bill when turned on just five hours per day this season. Here are the estimated costs from most to least expensive.



95 Icicle Lights – $102.65

800 ft String of Lights on Roof – $94.92

500 ft String of Lights on Roof –$59.33

200 ft String of Lights in Yard – $23.73

30 Strands for Walkway Trees – $20.74

15 Strands for Walkway Trees – $10.37

5-piece Nativity Scene – $9.41

150 inches of Rope Light – $6.41

10 Strings of Light – $6.92

2 Outdoor Decorations – $2.77

Medium Lit-Up Wreath – $1.07

Light- Up Garland – $0.70

Small Lit-Up Wreath – $0.35


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