Protecting Your Electronics From Power Surges

While many people think surge protectors are the same thing as power strips, they are quite different. A surge protector is more than just a fancy extension cord — it plays an important role in electronic device maintenance, such as protecting your laptop, home computer, appliances, and in some cases, your home security system.

When an electronic device or system is exposed to a power surge spike, the increased flow of energy can severely damage battery chargers and modems.

When looking to protect your home devices from power surge damage, it’s important to know what a surge protector does and how it works. Since installing a surge protector can be dangerous, many manufacturers recommend hiring an electrician to perform the installation. Here are some things to remember that could help you when searching for the best options for your home.

Surge protectors have a finite capacity

Many people don’t know that every time a surge protector is exposed to a surge, it’s protection capacity drops.

Dozens of small surges can add up and slowly use up your surge protector over several years. It’s a good idea to check the indicators monthly to ensure your surge protector is still working and your devices are still protected.

Make sure you have the right type of surge protectors for your home

A whole house model will protect against serious damage, but we still recommend that you place an inexpensive standalone surge protector (pictured below) on all of the most valuable electronics in your home such as your computer, television, and other appliances.

When choosing the best surge protector for your home, look for units with good safety ratings, flexible usage options, excellent customer reviews, and useful extra features.

You cannot be protected from all surges

If your business experiences a long-term surge caused by power transformer failures, such as a lost neutral or other power company error, transient protectors will not protect your devices. Long-term surges can destroy the protectors in an entire building or area. Even tens of milliseconds can be longer than a protector can handle.

For more information on surge protectors or other electrical issues, contact Mr. Sparky and we’ll have one of our trained professionals there right away!