Weathering the Storm Season

High winds, lighting and water can be a destructive force to your homes electrical system.

April showers bring more than May flowers. Many times the months of April and May bring heavy rains, storms and lighting, causing minor or even severe damage to your home’s electrical system. High winds, lighting and water can be a destructive force, some of the damage can include detached meters, downed wires and damaged weather heads or knobs.

City utility companies will not repair certain damages, so ultimately repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Some damages may be an easy fix, but for major problems, it’s always best to contact one of Mr. Sparky’s licensed professionals to make sure repairs are made correctly and do not pose a threat.

If you suspect your home’s electrical system has suffered some damage, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure your home is safe after high winds or a flood. And remember, Mr. Sparky’s certified technicians are on-call 24/7 to help repair damages left behind by wind, water or lighting.

For starters, if your lights are out, make sure you determine the source of the outage. Leave a small light on so you can know exactly when your electricity is back on.

Outages can occur when a tree falls during a storm, taking down power lines or damaging the utility box that houses all of your breakers. Tree falls are common during many types of storms, whether lightning is present or not. Heavy rains and wind combine to create tree fall hazards and thus cause major damage to your home’s electrical system. A certified electrician will be needed to repair damage to your breaker box, and if downed utility wires caused the outage, your city’s utility company should be contacted for these repairs.

If your home has flooded due to heavy rains, move electrical appliances and devices out of your home or to an area in the house above the flood level. Do not attempt to use these products if they have made contact with floodwater.

Unfortunately, most electrical components that were underwater for even a brief time will need to be replaced. This includes wiring, circuit panels, fuse boxes and even outlets and switches.

The biggest damage could be caused when a massive lightning strike occurs. Electrical damage that is transferred from the lightning strike to your home can cause structure fires and in severe cases, bolts of energy can erupt out of outlets harming or even killing people who are in the room.

Electricity wants to find a ground, and in the process of finding a ground, the electrical energy from the strike will travel through all wiring and destroy electronic equipment resulting in home major surge damage. To repair this kind of damage you will need a licensed electrician to ensure your home remains compliant.

Call Mr. Sparky 24/7 at (210) 446-5050 or (830) 446-3909 to find out how you can make sure your home is safe for your family after a storm, and remains compliant as outlined by the city’s code.